A Few Good Things

December 30, 2020By RoyaGigs, Lifestyle, Reflections, Studio Space No Comments

It’s not all been bad… It’s undoubtedly been a difficult year. A horrible year even. But… there are some things that weren’t shit for me in 2020. Here’s some stuff (in no particular order and with no particular theme) that have made me smile in the weird year of the pandemic. Some of it is … Read More

Imaginarium (Part One)

June 25, 2020By RoyaStudio Space No Comments

It’s been some time since I’ve documented any progress on our studio space. In my last post on this, we’d decided on a name for the space – The Imaginarium. Part of the reason for this lack of updates was just how busy I was. Also I didn’t want to be repeating myself. And then … Read More

Studio Space (Part Four)

February 21, 2019By RoyaArt, Music Production, Studio Space No Comments

I’m conscious of repeatedly posting the same thing, so didn’t want to do daily updates on our progress doing up our wonderful new space. Also, I’ve been busy as hell as I’ve needed to make sure I’m earning enough to pay my share of the costs. Following the glorious multi-coloured walls, we needed to get … Read More