A Few Good Things

December 30, 2020By RoyaGigs, Lifestyle, Reflections, Studio Space No Comments

It’s not all been bad… It’s undoubtedly been a difficult year. A horrible year even. But… there are some things that weren’t shit for me in 2020. Here’s some stuff (in no particular order and with no particular theme) that have made me smile in the weird year of the pandemic. Some of it is … Read More

The Year That Wasn’t

September 30, 2020By RoyaReflections No Comments

This post originally appeared on Hideous Things I also share my writing on Medium *** I’m half entertained and half spooked by the fact that I titled our first blog post, back in February, ‘Sorry Guys, Do You Mind Not Dancing?’ At the time, everything that has happened since would have seemed unimaginable. Five months … Read More

Lockdown Diary (Part Five)

June 15, 2020By RoyaLifestyle, Reflections No Comments

I’ve not written one of these for a while. Lockdown has got less strict and less weird, I’ve been busier, seen more people, felt better. In what I would deem as a responsible way, I’ve broken the lockdown since it began. I was dropping some post at a friend’s house at the beginning of lockdown, … Read More

Lockdown Diary (Part Three)

April 26, 2020By RoyaLifestyle, Reflections No Comments

I’ve not written for a while. I read my last post back and I felt that it was very negative and I didn’t even end up sharing it on any social media. That was quite early on in the lockdown. Since then I’ve been a lot more upbeat, and assuming that this doesn’t go on … Read More

Lockdown Diary (Part Two)

April 1, 2020By RoyaLifestyle, Reflections No Comments

I think I dealt with the first part of this pretty well. In some ways I was even weirdly glad of it all. I wouldn’t be left homeless or completely broke and, after months of little free time, diminished amounts of work meant that I would have more time for creative projects. As the weekend … Read More

Lockdown Diary

March 27, 2020By RoyaLifestyle, Reflections No Comments

Two weeks and two days ago I was sat in a bar, just next door to where I was living, planning many things for the year ahead. I went down to Outlaws Yacht Club, as I did most days, where one of the owners had kindly offered to help out with advice about licensing our … Read More

An Alternative Christmas Message

December 22, 2019By RoyaNonsense, Reflections No Comments

Years ago (I was about fourteen), I was at my friend’s house, stoned (I smoked weed back then) and tripping (we’d eaten some hallucinogenic mushrooms) and staring into the fire. Some terrible Christmas film was on, but we weren’t really watching it. What did happen, though, was that it inspired me (along with the mushrooms … Read More

Reflections on a Disaster

December 21, 2019By RoyaReflections No Comments

One of the saddest days of my recent life was Friday 13th December 2019, the day our election results came in. I wasn’t expecting to feel so gloomy. That part came as a shock to me, because the result didn’t. I was expecting that – and so I wasn’t expecting my own reaction to it. … Read More

Distrikt Pride Courtyard Party Review

August 19, 2019By RoyaGigs, Reflections No Comments

This post originally appeared on DIY Leeds *** I need to stop reviewing gigs I’ve played at myself. Or we need more writers for DIY Leeds (it’s a labour of love. Currently all content is written by me and Joe Haze). Anyway… Every so often you play at a party that stands out a little from … Read More