An Alternative Christmas Message

December 22, 2019By RoyaNonsense, Reflections No Comments

Years ago (I was about fourteen), I was at my friend’s house, stoned (I smoked weed back then) and tripping (we’d eaten some hallucinogenic mushrooms) and staring into the fire. Some terrible Christmas film was on, but we weren’t really watching it. What did happen, though, was that it inspired me (along with the mushrooms … Read More

Words That Should Exist

January 15, 2019By RoyaNonsense, Reflections, Words & Writing No Comments

The image above is something I’ve seen floating around the web for a while, and I always enjoy re-reading it. Number 12 prompted me to think of a word that doesn’t exist, but should… Anecdouche – A person who constantly interrupts others with their own anecdotes. (I will add that most people I know are … Read More