Studio Space (Part Four)

February 21, 2019By RoyaArt, Music Production, Studio Space No Comments

I’m conscious of repeatedly posting the same thing, so didn’t want to do daily updates on our progress doing up our wonderful new space. Also, I’ve been busy as hell as I’ve needed to make sure I’m earning enough to pay my share of the costs. Following the glorious multi-coloured walls, we needed to get … Read More

Nicolas Dixon Mural at Leeds Trinity

January 15, 2019By RoyaArt, Lifestyle No Comments

Last week I took up the brilliant opportunity of helping prolific Leeds artist Nicolas Dixon out as he painted a mural in the Trinity Centre. Along with  Peachzz , Florence Blanchard, Raul33 & D7606, artists for Blackbox and OllyStudio, he has transformed the Albion Street entrance to the shopping centre. This will coincide with new … Read More

Bad Ornament Art Exhibition at Outlaws Yacht Club

September 20, 2018By RoyaArt, Gigs No Comments

Currently, myself and the good folks at Schwein & Bad Ornament have artwork on display and available to buy from my favourite teleport destination (as I once quipped to Nigel Rogers who has since adopted the description and used it widely), Outlaws Yacht Club. Nigel, Darryl Marsden, Al Bradley and our resident DJ Carl Sheppard played some tunes for the launch party, a … Read More