Something I’ve enjoyed recently has been the Complexa Mix series. Put together by my friend, York-based DJ Jon Baker-Hood AKA Upside your mind and Brad Wood AKA Synthia, the vibe is spacey electronic sounds. The genres vary – which is always something I favour – but the cosmic, trippy vibe is strong throughout.

The first three mixes, by Synthia, Bad Chapel and Ollie Slaney have provided a great soundtrack for evenings sat at my desk, working away on various things. So I was buzzing to be asked to contribute a mix for Vol.4.

You can check out all this via their Soundcloud, Facebook and Instagram

And here’s my mix…

Check out the entire series if you like this 🙂

I will add that I played my last gig before lockdown with Jon. At the time, the thought of all this still seemed quite impossible. The last gig I played where people could dance. Strange times.

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