The Year That Wasn’t

September 30, 2020By RoyaReflections No Comments

This post originally appeared on Hideous Things I also share my writing on Medium *** I’m half entertained and half spooked by the fact that I titled our first blog post, back in February, ‘Sorry Guys, Do You Mind Not Dancing?’ At the time, everything that has happened since would have seemed unimaginable. Five months … Read More

Complexa Mix Series

September 8, 2020By RoyaTunes No Comments

Something I’ve enjoyed recently has been the Complexa Mix series. Put together by my friend, York-based DJ Jon Baker-Hood AKA Upside your mind and Brad Wood AKA Synthia, the vibe is spacey electronic sounds. The genres vary – which is always something I favour – but the cosmic, trippy vibe is strong throughout. The first … Read More