The image above is something I’ve seen floating around the web for a while, and I always enjoy re-reading it. Number 12 prompted me to think of a word that doesn’t exist, but should…

Anecdouche – A person who constantly interrupts others with their own anecdotes.

(I will add that most people I know are the anecdouche at some point, myself included.)

Here are some more words that should exist…

Ornamenteering: The act of shopping for ornaments.

Lentlost: Lending an inexpensive, common item to someone, then never seeing that item again (usually lighters).

Nightmorning: When you’re up in the morning, but it’s still the night before. (My favourite instance of this was when my friend referred to ‘this evening’ at 2 o’clock on a Sunday afternoon. “You’re still talking as if it’s Friday night, aren’t you?” I said.)

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