Following probably the best Christmas and NYE I’ve ever had (great time with Freaky Behaviour on Boxing Day, mint NYE and NYD Schwein gigs at Wire and 212 and then dancing all night at Hold The Relish), the time had come to get my brain back into gear and remember all the serious stuff I was doing before the festive season…

For the past couple of days I’ve resumed work on various web projects (Including building a new site for the excellent Paradise Systems). These have been making slower progress than I’d envisaged, as my brain is still functioning a little slower than usual.

Aside of gigs and web development, before Christmas I’d started work on converting the new space I’ve acquired into a studio and workspace along with the team of excellent peeps I’m sharing it with.

Amusingly, as this is one of the most exciting things I’ve ever done, there were times during the madness of Christmas and New Year when I almost forgot about it entirely, and then I’d suddenly be like ‘Shit! We have a studio! Looking forward to getting that sorted!’

Over the past two days, we’ve all been down there sorting various things like electrics, joinery, paint and getting the floor sanded. Once all that’s done, then we can start working from there.

We decided that the walls in the main area would be painted in sections of different colours, and we headed down to the awesome Seagulls Paint to get some colours mixed.

I’ll be posting pics of our progress transforming this blank warehouse space into a studio we can all work from.

Check out the pics below and you can read/view my first post about this here

Roya Brehl Studio Workspace

Roya Brehl Studio Workspace

Roya Brehl Studio Workspace Seagulls Paint

Roya Brehl Studio Workspace

Roya Brehl Studio Workspace

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