As a web developer/designer I get to work on some exciting projects. Some of these are a buzz in a nerd kind of way – like the technical side is fun and I get to make some cool shiz and solve weird problems. Others are inspiring because they tie in with the other side of my life – art, music, the creative scene in Leeds.

A while back I was approached by Ben Rand’m – who many of you may know from Leeds TV and the comedy circuit and journalist Rob Chadwick about a project they were planning…

Their idea was to create a Pop Culture blog site, with various contributors, or as Ben and Rob preferred ‘Aficionados’, and they needed a developer and a brand creating.

This was a perfect job for me, because the end result would be something that I would be interested in perusing myself. And they’d come up with a wonderful name… ‘Pop Cult Chic’.

When I was explaining how I saw it, I said ‘it’s like a more culture-based Lad Bible’ and Ben said I’d got it.

Even better, I’m going to be blogging for the site myself. This has been a good motivator for me to get my own blog and various projects on the go again. I used to write quite a lot, but following various events, I spent more than a year with my head down working constantly on things that were necessary but not creative projects, and having emerged from that self-imposed bootcamp, I’m looking forward to resuming normality.

Anyway… the site was launched last month, and there’ll be more content added soon, eventually on a daily basis… Check it out and enjoy x

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